Short Films

Short Films

I have directed and produced few shorts, from documentary, to animation, experimental and fiction.

Selection here:


We find ourselves in Mexico-Tenochtitlan, the year is 1850. Behind the walls of the Convent of Conceptionist nuns, a battle against darkness takes place. Regina, a young woman, is giving herself up to a life of reclusion, far from worldly temptations. During a grand ceremony, she is to marry God. However, Regina is sinful, and has fallen into disgrace by pursuing her desires. A secret is murmured, small steps echo on the thick stone walls, glances are exchanged, an abortion takes place at candlelight. With help from the nuns she is freed from her impurities, so she can surrender in body and soul to the divine order, and become God’s spouse.

Regina is a film about desire and the imperfection of the human condition.

La Mar | The Sea

Florencia, a young architect, toss-up  the normalized violence that is experienced in society. When different events continue to feed a growing fear, she decides to “put to sea” to confront herself and others, embarking on the task of breaking down what is perturbing her daily harmony. The inclemency will denotes her natural survival instincts.

Première: Hidalgo Film Fest 2018 | Mix Festival Mx


Pioneers | Pioneras

Short Documentary about the first women educated as filmmakers from the oldest cinema school in Latin America: “Centro Universitario de Estudios Cinematográficos” at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. After presenting their experiences and problems, the movie narrates how do women over pass challenges to achieve their participation in the national film industry.The film also explores on found footage from  the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s made by women directors and others creators from Mexico.


Commissioned by the Latin American Association of Sociology (ALAS), at their 59th anniversary, this interview short doc, presents the main intellectual contributions of the social scientific theories in a critique and propositive voice of thinkers of the region like Emir Sader, Theotonio dos Santos, Raquel Sosa, Gerónimo de Sierra, among others. In Co-production with UAEMex and CLACSO. I directed this project and liberate my professional practices for the sociology BA.

Al Machine: 2006

I started my cinema journey with this experimental short, made as a result of Jesse Lerner’s workshop: Cinema and the city, at the Centro de la Imagen. Shoot with a Beaulieu 16mm camera in 3 days I discover the magic of the celluloid, the process of B&W negatives and the digital rank at the moment.

Carmina, master key

In a somatized society, even a master key is under artificial pills to feel good.