I am passionate about cinema production and new media. My work is based in a transdisciplinary approach. For different projects I specialize in fundraising, outreach and engagement strategies for audiencies.

I studied a MFA in Documentary Cinema, at UNAM, CUEC-FAD where I gained an Honors Mention and recognized with the Alfonso Caso Medal, for the best student of the program.  My thesis  was on crowdfunding for documentary films in Mexico and Latam, this research framed in a transdisciplinary approach, took me to an Academic stay at the Engineering Faculty of Universidad del Desarrollo, Santiago, Chile.

In 2013 I attended the Robert Flaherty Film Seminar at the University of Colgate, NY, where I fell even more in love with non fiction narratives, programing perspectives and cinema as an independent art.

My BA is in Sociology, at UAEMex (Information and communication technologies, specialization) and at this period also did an academic exchange at Université Lyon Lumière 2.

I am based in Mexico City but I love living in other latitudes, I have mobility possibilities.

As a kid, I lived in Taipei, Taiwan, then for university studies in several places: Lyon (France), Santiago(Chile). I have also had the opportunity to travel to more than 30 countries that have opened my mind and spirit.