Latin Side of the Doc 2013 (DocMx)

As a decision maker coordinator, my job was to connect industry market participators such as movie directors and producers with festival programmers, commissioning editors , sales agents among other professionals.

Filmin Latino

I worked at the beginning of this amazing project, I was in charge of the correct digitalization of mexican films for the platform, as well as uploading collections form festivals such as Ambulante más allá and Animasivo, and from directors like Sara Minter.

Then kickstarted the redaction of notes for this blog, read them here:

Crowdfunding campaigns strategy advice.

– La Directiva. Documentary, Chile

– Volviendo a la Tierra, Documentary, México-USA

– Leontine, México.–2#/


Since 2014 I start and gardening the mexican group for OuiShare a global community that explores the edges of collaboration, new economies and other cases on the social innovation area.